Whats up with this new "Babes in Paris Collection" ?


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On our recent trip to Las Vegas, we stayed at the Paris hotel. Now, we know we weren’t reallyyyy in Paris but that didn’t stop us from feeling the vibes. We were completely in awe of the Versailles-style fixtures and luxury romantic decor. Along with that, the dramatic chandeliers and oversized bathtubs, had us completely inspired. 

We wanted to take that inspiration and create a chic Parisian style collection that was sophisticated, modern, and splurge-worthy, yet still affordable. As our “NOTRE DAME” dress was a complete hit upon release, we knew we were going in the right direction. Stay tuned as each week we will be releasing a new #bbsboutique item

We hope you all enjoy this new exciting journey into Paris with us

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Our New "Notre Dame" fully sequin Dress $58

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Parisian inspired "Eiffel Tower" Pants $45

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